Consuming Passion

Passion’s heat consumes the flesh
Yet somehow calms the mind.
The soul is left both cleansed and fresh
as past is left behind.


Invoking the Spirits

My soul, it was restrained.
In heavy irons, chained.
Impossible to break,
My hope was my mistake.

Through an ancient ritual
I invoked the spiritual.
Freed by supernat’ral force,
My instincts ran their course.

Completely uninhibited,
Nothing was prohibited.
No recourse or regret.
No mem’ries to forget.

Unguided by my nerves,
Quickly draining my reserves.
When all I had to spend was spent,
And I was sleepy and content,

I lay in bed and closed my eyes,
But woke to find a foul surprise.
Those spirits summoned in the night
Were those who burn in holy light

And though they promised absolution,
Their gift was only an illusion.
I thought I’d had my wishes granted,
But slyly they had been supplanted.

They released me from containment
For their fiendish entertainment.
Once their appetites were sated,
I was left, alone and naked.

Love Punch

She enjoyed the local scene.
He just wanted some caffeine.
Neither had an expectation
More than simple salutation.

It started with a ling’ring glance
That hinted at a greater chance,
But then she punched him in the chest
And instantly he lost his breath.

Something in his sure expression
Roused a primal base aggression,
Causing her to bare her teeth
And cautiously stay out of reach

The words that he had hoped to say
Evaporate and fade away
While he quelled the urge to vomit,
Spending all his will to calm it.

Unable to retaliate,
He searches for a quick escape
Then shamefully averts his eyes
And quickly dons a cool disguise

What it was she thought she’d seen
Appears as if it’d never been.
And yet her heart can’t find its rhythm
Urging her to grapple with him.

She tries again to catch his gaze
But his attention never strays
Bitten once he shies away;
Anxiety he can’t allay.

One last look thrown over shoulder
Wishing he could but be bolder
Pulled by fear and obligation
From this moment of flirtation.

The tingling in his chest persists.
He cannot help but reminisce.
Long since leaving this location
Undiminished’s the sensation.

Though they never truly met,
Neither ever will forget
All the words they didn’t say
That afternoon at the café.